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SantoLoco was founded in Munich, Germany in 2007 by two brothers, Ricardo and Ronaldo Friesen. Both originally from Brazil but have now spent most of their lives in Germany. The spark for surfing and skating started when they were real young in Brazil. Not born into money they would surf and skate anything that would float or roll. When they moved to Germany that stoke did not leave them. That stoke would instead pushed them to create SantoLoco. SantoLoco is now Germany's premier surf, skate, and snow retail store. Over the past ten years SantoLoco has become the number one rated surf shop in all of Germany. And many have said, its one of the best in all of Europe. A top seller for a lot of top rated brands in our industry. As well as being able to keep the core values of being that "core" shop for their local community.

RedBull came and did a interview with us. Click this link and get an in-depth view to who we are and what we do: Red Bull Interview